Your Business Identity
The face of your business
Auditing Your Brand
And why its important

There could be numerous reasons as to why it may be appropriate to carry out a brand audit for your business. Brand refresh, shift in market positioning since inception or change in company values are just a few of the most common reasons warranting a brand audit.

In most businesses now there’s an emphasised focus on ROI, which is fair and understandable. A brand audit before and after a brand refresh can accurately gauge the effectiveness of your rebrand.

The brand audit consists of looking into the following qualities of your current brand:

The standard of your brand image and voice and whether it aligns with your company values properly
The demographic of your target audience and whether your brand presents correctly to your primary potential customer-base in order to attract the right target market
Strategic Objectives
The Strategic Objectives and mission of your organisation; does your brand convey the right messages to within your organisation and to your customers?
If your company or organisation has a unique history, does the brand reflect these values properly whilst at the same time conveying the right message moving forward?
Your Brand is Your Company
use your brand effectively

The face of your organisation or company comes down to your brand and its perception within your target audience and client-base. The trust and reputation built upon your organisation ties in heavily with your brand and the values it represents.

Does your brand represent the right values to your audience? Is it optimal and in alignment with your strategic direction and culture? Talk to us today and find out.

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