Protect your Business Brand
Importance of Trademarking
And why you should care

In the changing nature of business, your personnel and business brand are one of your most Vital assets.

Trademarks protect the distinctive name, logo and tagline of your brand as your badge origin, enforceable by law. Many believe that having the domain name, or business name are sufficient to protect your business interests, only a Trademark can protect and leverage your brand for greater commercial growth.

A Trademark will ensure that your valuable brand and branding, are protected in the Australian and potentially gob ally. We can give you the vital protection, to ensure that your brand and reputation are protected in the international marketplace.

Logo and Taglines
Protect the logo and taglines for your exclusive use and benefit, and prevent competitors using or trading off them (Otherwise known as passing off), including on 3rd party websites
Registered Trademark
Use the registered trade mark as a brand name for the goods or services specified in the particular classes enforced by the Trademark
Use of Brand
Protect the use of this brand in the Australia (and potentially international) marketplace and ensure that the logo is used in the marketing of your services in the classes registered
Intangible Asset
List your brand as an intangible asset that can be valued with your business
Brand Protection
Be in a stronger position to stop other people from using your trade mark as their brand name on the same or similar goods or services of the trade mark registration
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If you wish to be able to protect your business name against other traders to the greatest extent possible under the law, you should consider trademarking the name. Its important to do this early, as we often speak to customers who have begun engaging in business, not realising they do not have legal ownership of the logo and brand that they have created.

We can give your business branding the Vital competitive edge to protect, and propel your business interests forward in the new digital domain of business.

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